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The Novels of Elsgüer

Episode 3

Live Despecho

Live Despecho is an augmented experience that invites viewers to participate in a space of constant translation between the physical and the virtual. This immersive video installation combines 3D graphics, 360° Virtual Reality (VR), and performance with wearable textile sculptures. Drawing from their personal experiences of displacement as Colombian immigrants, Laura and Santiago have created this immersive and interactive piece as a reflection on the way migrant bodies, and their multiple representations, yearn to belong. This piece presents new possibilities to experience live environments and digital fields, as simulations of a displaced body within multiple territories. This exploration of VR allows viewers to question their own position as bodies that belong to physical places or as multiple beings that inhabit virtual realms. The word Despecho, which does not have an English translation recalls a sense of nostalgia for the home and rupture that leads to disembodiment. Without a linear narrative, the feelings of longing and displacement become the only tools to navigate this installation of The Novels of Elsgüer.

Sur Gallery

Toronto - Canada

April 1 - May 29, 2021


13th HTMlles: Feminist Festival of Media Arts + Digital Culture 

Montreal, Canada

November 3 - December 2, 2018


Centro Cultural Rogelio Salmon

17th Festival Internacional de la Imagen de Manizales

Manizales, Colombia

May 7-11, 2018

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