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PERC 312 - Dramaturgy II
Contemporary Dramaturgy: Critical Perspectives and Expanded Practices
Class Professor: Dr. Shauna Janssen
Department of Theatre
Concordia University
Montréal, Canada
October 3rd & 17th, 2019 | 14:00-17:00
Workshop Instructors:
Laura Acosta
Milton Riaño
Santiago Tavera


Jonathan Stern

Mariia Bashmakova

Quinlan Green 

Thomas Rodriguez 

Alicia Magliocco

Scarlet Fountain

Samantha Lipovski

Andrei Mamaliga

Camille Fecteau

Sina Suren

Bethany Cooke

Xinkun Dai

Julia Weisser

Laurie Dumont-Bal
Madeleine Rigby

Anne-Audrey Remarais

Naya Salamé
Adam Koren 

The workshop New Media Dramaturgy invited students to collaborate on the creation of 360° video productions that explored the notion of the expanded body through experimentation with immersive and interactive multimedia technologies. During this workshop, experiments with Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, interactive motion interfaces and live image alteration software, were implemented to explore physical and virtual perspectives of embodiment. Through this workshop, students delved into cross-disciplinary interactions between bodies, spaces and digital media, as well as the effects that these connections have on social and personal processes of identification and representation. Through this workshop, students used digital technology to create different types of corporealities, as well as assemble new ways to create and present a narrative. The workshop invited students to experiment with different digital media in relation to their bodies, in order to initiate a dialogue surrounding the notions of virtual corporality, digital performativity, new media dramaturgy and mixed reality. During this workshop, experiments with interactive technology raised questions on how the ubiquity of digital media becomes a tool that allows for the expansion of our bodies and how that affects our interactions with ourselves, others and the spaces we inhabit. The goal of this workshop was to deconstruct conventional ways of corporal and visual representation, while transgressing imposed borders of identity and space.


The Cusp of Liminality

The body and technology are both tools that strive to construct between the self and others

The Day the Internet Dies

Wifi, Intimacy, Distance,

Recharge, Archive

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