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The Novels of Elsgüer is a series of transdisciplinary installations co-created by Colombian-Canadian artists Santiago Tavera and Laura Acosta. This body of work examines notions of representation and belonging through the creation of interactive and immersive digital environments, nonlinear storytelling, experimental soundscapes, textile sculptures and performance. Each installation within these series has been referred to as an “episode”. Each “episode” is a site specific exploration of technological setups, corporeal interactions, and inquiries about  experiences of “the other”.


The word Elsgüer is the spanglish pronunciation of the english word elsewhere, which alludes to a feeling of absence while being present. A feeling of displacement or dislocation. This body of work uses this sense of dislocation/displacement as a method to test the boundaries between body/space, and viewer/performer. Ultimately, the aim of the overall project is to merge digital technologies with corporeal mediums in order to create immersive experiences in which the audience questions their own perception and position within a space.

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